About Us

Started in 2005, Manthan has become the premier platform for thought leaders worldwide to share their thoughts and for high quality debates. Periodic meetings with thought leaders from various fields, open debates on the Yahoo group, presentations followed by debates - ways by which Manthan promotes public discussions, ideas and thoughts.

The Mission
Vibrant, vigorous, open public discourse is an absolute essential for a healthy India. Sadly, we don't have it.

Ideas and thoughts are critical for progress. Sadly we don't give them the importance they deserve.

Manthan exists to promote public discourse, ideas and thoughts in our daily lives.

Manthan aims to strengthen democratic, liberal and secular values through public discourse.

Manthan aims to become an important voice in the formation of informed, rational public opinion.

What we do

Manthan in Meetings

The periodic Manthan meetings aim to do manthan (debate) with thought leaders from various fields. Thought leaders of the highest standards from all walks of life share their ideas, thoughts and experiences, and engage in deep conversations with citizens.

Manthan on the Web

Over 15000 messages on the Manthan Yahoo Group are testimony to the open, daily debates that Manthanites have done since 2005.

The most vibrant debates, in an un-moderated environment, happen daily on all kinds of subjects.

The debates provide members with information, thoughts and views of all hues and allow people to speak out freely and at length. This is at

Manthan Ideas

Manthan Ideas is an initiative to promote ideas. Ideas are presented in concise 4, 8 or 16 minute presentations and then debated intensely. Manthan believes that ideas and innovation are critical to progress and it aims to promote ideas through this focussed initiative.

Manthan Connect

The disconnect between the state and the citizen causes considerable damage to the democratic ideal.

Manthan Connect is an initiative to connect citizens with the state and increase their engagement at a deeper level.

As part of the initiative, Manthan gets responsible representatives of the state to interact with the citizens on a variety of issues.

Election Watch

Manthan, in association with Association of Democratic Reforms (, was lead partner of the National Election Watch Andhra Pradesh which conducted Election Watch during the Lok Sabha & Assembly elections of 2009 in the state of Andhra Pradesh.


Manthan has partnered with Association of Democratic Reforms, Goethe Zentrum, US Consulate General Hyderabad, Moving Images, Secunderabad Club, L V Prasad Eye Institute, HarperCollins Publishers India and the Penguin Group in some of its activities.


Membership to Manthan is free. Members can attend all meetings and join the Manthan Yahoo Group. Membership helps members get invites and intimations about the activities in advance.

Members may Join Manthan on Facebook at to remain connected and engage in discussions.

Manthan has over 3000 members. About 500 of these are members of the Yahoo Group and 1000 on Facebook.

Manthan Foundation

Manthan is active since 2005 and is owned by Manthan Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation based at Hyderabad.

The Foundation is managed by a Board consisting of Ajay Gandhi, M R Vikram, Bashir Babu Khan, Chandana Chakrabarti, Kamlesh Gandhi, Manek Daruwala, Madhava Rao K, Rama Mohan Giri, Ravi S, Suheim Sheikh.

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