After class 12 make informed decisions – Peri Maheshwar, Mahesh Sarma and Prabha Dhavala

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The Talk

The exams are over. And so are the important entrance exams. Good institutions are scarce. And cost of education is reaching the sky!
What are your options?  How do you chose a good institution?
How do you chose a course?  What is an institution that doesn’t cost the sky?
Is institution A better or institution B?
How true are placements?
Should you study outside the state? Or even study abroad?
If you are an MPC student not interested in engineering, what are the options?
If you are a BPC student, what are the options beyond MBBS?
Ask all your questions.
And the best and most credible counsellors will address your questions.

Peri Maheshwar, Mahesh Sarma and Prabha Dhavala

Maheshwer Peri is Chairman & Founder, Careers360
Mahesh Sarma is Editor-in-Chief, Careers360
Prabha Dhavala is Editor, Careers360
Careers360 is India’s most renowned and trusted Education Company(  

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