Can we make people more honest? – Biju Dominic

By December 5, 2017videos page

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Across the world, several steps have been taken to curb dishonest practices. Despite all these efforts, the rate of fraud has only been going up.

Instead, can we develop a fraud-management strategy based on activating the moral compass within each individual?

Based on learning from new behavioural sciences of Cognitive Neuroscience and Behavioural Economics, new solutions have been suggested to make people more honest.


Biju Dominic

Biju is the CEO and Co-founder of Final Mile Consulting, a Chicago and Mumbai based consulting firm focussed on Human Behaviour Change.

At Final Mile, Biju pioneered the practice of Behaviour Architecture by combining learning from the fields of Cognitive Neuroscience, Behavioural Economics and Design. FinalMile has used their unique approach to influencing human behaviour to reduce road accidents, increase toilet use, mitigate girl trafficking, inculcate integrity among insurance sales staff, ingrain safe behaviour in factories etc

He has delivered lectures at London School of Economics, Chicago Booth School of Business, University College London, and at various corporate and industry forums.

The author of a fortnightly column in the Mint on behavioral underpinnings of societal problems, Biju has been quoted in BBC, CNBC, France 24, Boston Globe, Business Week, Forbes India etc.

Mint newspaper profiled him as a member of “The new think tank” of India.

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