Can You Trust Your Doctor? Chandana Chakrabarti @ Manthan Festival

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The Talk

Manthan Festival 2011, a celebration of thoughts, debates and culture.
Can you trust your doctor?

The medical profession is the noblest of all. The doctor, and the hospital, are expected to place patient interest above everything else, and do all to ensure that the patient’s health is taken care of in the best possible manner.
Do doctors, hospitals and pharma companies think you, the patient, is the most important person for them and that they should think of you, even above themselves, in all they do? Is the doctor cheating you? Can you trust him and them?
The healthcare industry is plagued with many ills and malpractices. All these place patient interest nowhere near the top. Commercialisation and corruption are rampant, leaving the patient helpless.
This meeting explored all facets of the healthcare industry – the good and the bad and aims to enlighten the consumer.

A talk with Dr G N Rao, Founder, LV Prasad Eye Institute ,Dr Sriram Chandra, Neurologist, Mediciti Hospital
and Chandana Chakrabarty, Writer, Actor, Activist

PS : This talk has no video.

Chandana Chakrabarti

Chandana  is a rationalist, writer, actor and social activist. She is currently Director of Sukriti, a consultancy organisation.
Past Chairperson of the Hyderabad Chapter of FICCI-FLO, Chandana Chakrabarti was with the National Knowledge Commission till 2008.
She was for a decade with the CCMB, Hyderabad, an internationally renowned basic research laboratory of the CSIR, where she played a crucial role in the building the institute along with its founder.
She has written close to 200 articles in well-known magazines, newspapers and books published in India and abroad. She has also co-authored two books, “The Saga of Indian Science since Independence: In a Nutshell” published by Universities Press, and “Angels, Devil and Science, published by National Book Trust.
As a social activist, she has been a part of several non-governmental organizations. She is the Convenor of The MARCH, a voluntary organisation based in Hyderabad, whose efforts have led to the setting up of a national system of accreditation of diagnostic laboratories to ensure quality and reliability, and also the national guidelines for accreditation of infertility clinics.
Widely travelled in India and abroad as an invited participant and speaker at major international meetings, she represented India at the World Youth Leadership Summit held at the UN Headquarters in New York in 1995. She has anchored and moderated several live programmes and nationally telecast television programmes on a variety of issues.
Her abiding interest in art and culture is evident in the large number of theatre groups, dancers, singers, musicians, painters and sculptors she has showcased over the years. She was intimately involved with Children’s Film Society of India in organizing the International Children’s Film festivals in Hyderabad.
She has acted in several Telugu feature films, some of which have been super-hits, such as “Anand” and “Vikramarkudu”.
She has been elected a Fellow of the prestigious World Academy of Art and Science, and a member of Third World Organisation of Women Scientists.

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