‘Corruption, Lokpal & Civil Society’- Prashant Bhushan

By August 14, 2011videos page

The Talk

Manthan celebrates its 6th Anniversary on Sept 2. It is proud to present Prashant Bhushan on the occasion.

Anna Hazare goes on a fast from the 16th August to protest against the government adopting a weak Lokpal Bill. This meeting, on the eve of the fast, becomes hugely important. Manthan with Prashant Bhushan was an unimaginably valuable experience.

Prashant Bhushan

Prashant Bhushan is a real-life hero. He is India’s foremost advocate (brilliant, and hugely successful) for civil society, having appeared in over 500 public interest matters in various courts.

He has been part of almost every single major matter taken up in the courts against the establishment, and for the citizen – including the 2G scam cases.

Along with Anna Hazare and his father Shanti Bhushan, he is a member of the Joint Lokpal Bill Drafting Committee.

Here is a blog post about Prashant Bhushan:

( http://blogs.outlookindia.com/default.aspx?ddm=10&pid=2478&eid=5#iframetimelinechronologicalmainpostnam )

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