Democracy & Institution Building – Shantha Sinha

By September 26, 2008videos page

The Talk

This was an interactive session with Dr Shantha Sinha on Democracy and Institution Building. Here, Shantha, a builder of great institutions, explored the various facets of institution building and its importance to the functioning of a vibrant democracy.

PS : This talk has no video.

Shantha Sinha, Dr

Shantha Sinha is India’s foremost activist in the field of elimination of child labour. She has been actively involved in programmes for elimination of child labour through universalisation of elementary education in 13 districts of Andhra Pradesh covering more than 6000 villages in 137 mandals through M. V. Foundation of which she was Secretary for many years. This has resulted in about 400,000 children in 5-14 years age being withdrawn from work over the last 12 years, and also in strengthening of government schools in 1500 villages with retention of 99% of all children in schools. At present the focus is on girl-children and children engaged as bonded labourers, partnership developing with government teachers, women’s groups, youth associations, PTAs and local bodies; and training and networking with other NGOs.

MVF also provides technical support to the SSA in Madhya Pradesh, 10 districts in Assam, and to NGOs in Bihar, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Orissa, Rajasthan. It has extended its technical support to NGOs working in Nepal, Morocco, Kenya, Zimbabwe and Honduras.

The government of India, for the first time, set up a commission exclusively for Protection of Child Rights in the country. Dr Shantha Sinha was selected to head this commission as its first Chairperson in March 2007.

In recognition of her contribution, she was chosen for the prestigious Ramon Magsasay Award in 2003. She was awarded the Padma Shri in 1998 by the Government of India. She has received several other awards and much recognition.

Shantha’s work has resulted in putting child labour on the national agenda for the first time in the country’s history, a remarkable achievement and a lasting contribution to the nation.


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