Electronic Voting – Whose benefits, Whose Concerns – Herman Ruddijs

By September 28, 2010videos page

The Talk

Electronic voting has become the norm in India but it has gathered significant critics as being open t manipulation. Herman Ruddijs has deep expertise and experience in electronic voting in Europe.

He happens to be in Hyderabad and has agreed to share his experiences with us, which are likely to be interesting learning from our own perspective.

PS : This talk has no video

Herman Ruddijs

Mr Herman Ruddijs  works as consultant and manager governmental liaisons within the Dutch company “Sdu”.

Sdu, amongst other activities, developed and deployed electronic voting systems in the Netherlands until 2007. Servicing more than 1100 polling stations in The Netherlands with electronic voting systems and accompanying software, over 10% of the Dutch election administrations were covered. As from 1998 Herman was responsible for the co-design, testing, certification, deployment and support of three generations of the company’s electronic voting systems. He was electronic voting expert in the core teams of Election Observation Missions (EOM’s) in Kazakhstan, Venezuela, Belgium and Estonia

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