Emotional Well Being – Nithya Shanti

By September 17, 2016videos page

The Talk
In this talk Nithya Shanti offered insights for better understanding of one of the most important dimensions of our lives: our emotions.

We  discovered the meaning and message of emotional pain. We understood the four highest states of emotional wellbeing.

Simple practices and tools offered for a more grateful, joyful and balanced life. This is not just  a talk. It is an experiential, interactive and fun exploration of the oft misunderstood world of emotions.

Nithya Shanti, Teacher and Educator

What happens when a person rooted in management culture takes a different path – one that is steeped in ancient wisdom traditions, and then synthesizes the two, merging his academic and corporate experience with the timeless spiritual insights on the way to a happy and fulfilled life? A unique amalgamation occurs.

Nithya Shanti is an internationally respected spiritual teacher, seminar leader and educator, committed to sharing practical wisdom teachings for happiness and awakening with people in a joyful and transformational way. Blending a deep study of ancient teachings, along with a rich harvest of contemporary learnings, Nithya Shanti specializes in facilitating profound shifts in awareness for people to release limitations and awaken latent potentials for a balanced and fulfilling life.

An interest in inner growth and spirituality from an early age inspired him to read many books and engage in long discussions with friends and teachers. Not content with intellectual understanding alone, he began a daily practice of meditation at the age of sixteen and attended many meditation retreats. Nithya Shanti completed an MBA from XLRI, Jamshedpur and then worked in the corporate sector. Despite having a promising career, he was drawn to pursue his spiritual quest further.

In 2002, he ordained as a Buddhist Monk. After six years of living in forest meditation monasteries in Thailand, Sri Lanka and also various parts of India and the US, he was guided to live, learn and serve in broader ways than the traditional role of a monk permitted. With the blessings of his teachers he stepped out of the robes in early 2008 and now shares inspiring teachings in Happiness Joyshops, youth programs, corporate trainings and meditation retreats around the world.

Through his sessions, Nithya Shanti helps participants get in touch with themselves, leading the way to personal development and spiritual awakening. His light hearted and informal manner and practical and simple techniques pave the way for an experience that many have found to be life changing.

He keeps his audience engaged through stories and encourages meditation and introspection in an atmosphere of trust. Free-flowing and responsive to the mood of the audience, Nithya Shanti’s workshops (which he calls “Joyshops”) are the gateway to a happier and more rewarding life.

He has been invited to share his insights around the world by leading universities, corporate and non-governmental organizations, he coaches CEOs, senior government officials and school teachers, and taught these principles at international conferences such as TEDx and also in prisons. He is on the Advisory Board of Axialent, an international consulting firm specializing in enabling a more conscious culture in business. He resides in Pune, India and Logan Utah, USA. Nithya Shanti’s aim is facilitating a paradigm shift from ‘seeking happiness’ to ‘spreading happiness’ through simple, joyful and practical teachings.

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