Indian Society as a Changemaker – Pranay Kotasthane

By September 7, 2020videos page

Institutionally, there are three major actors in any community: the market, the State, and the civil society. However, in the state vs markets debate, we often forget that civil society itself can be a powerful actor for positive change. This is true especially in the Indian context where the ability of Indian society to correct itself has been underplayed, underestimated, and undermined by the Indian State. This talk makes a case for why certain tasks are best left for the Indian society to resolve.

Pranay Kotasthane Author & Columnist

Pranay Kotasthane is fellow and faculty at the Takshashila Institution. Pranay’s research and teaching is focused on public policy, public economics, and India’s foreign policy. He co-hosts Puliyabaazi, a Hindi podcast on policy, technology, and society. He also co-writes Anticipating the Unintended, a weekly newsletter on public policy.

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