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India’s Seafood Industry: Boon or Bane ?

Until India’s independence, unlike the forest regions that came under colonial extraction mechanisms, the coasts remained largely neglected. But soon after independence, India began to ramp up its fisheries production. While today India is the world’s second largest seafood producer, little is known about the diverse geographies of production of fish in the country. Bringing together development and resistance in a tango of competition and conflict, this talk will attempt to walk the audience through 7 decades of seafood development and highlight the opportunities and the dilemmas of the sector.

Siddharth Chakravarty

Siddharth has spent his entire adult life working with the oceans in various capacities; he has worked on merchant ships, captained activist ships to Antarctica, investigated human rights abuses in the fishing industry, and researched on various aspects related to ocean-based livelihoods and seafood development. He is currently in London pursuing a PhD that grapples with the social and economic sustainability of India’s seafood production. He is generally curious about everything related to the oceans.

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