List of All The Talks


Migration & Pandemics – Chinmay Tumbe2021/03/07videos page2021-03-07 10:03:19
“Orienting – An Indian In Japan”- Pallavi Aiyar2021/02/20videos page2021-02-20 13:43:49
The South Asian Neighbourhood: Key to India’s Global Power Ambitions-Sushant Singh2021/02/14videos page2021-02-14 12:12:22
Are we failing our youth? – Dr Shireen Jejeebhoy2021/02/07videos page2021-02-07 12:41:14
Union Budget 2021- Himanshu, S Thirumalai, M R Vikram, Ajay Gandhi2021/02/01videos page2021-02-01 14:06:06
“The India Story : How it was achieved and what to do now”- Dr Montek Singh Ahluwalia with Dr Duvvuri Subbarao2021/01/20videos page2021-01-20 11:18:26
“Art, Artist & Society” – Swara Bhasker2021/01/17videos page2021-01-17 15:11:04
Indian Epics and the Law today- Justice V Ramasubramanian2021/01/03videos page2021-01-03 16:09:04
Jugalbandi:BJP before Modi – Vinay Sitapati with C Rammanohar Reddy2020/12/27videos page2020-12-27 10:02:31
Why do Indians Shun Science?- Dr Tarun Khanna2020/12/21videos page2020-12-21 17:48:30
‘The Trajectory Of Trust’ – Mohit Satyanand2020/12/13videos page2020-12-13 11:29:32
“Race, Science & Power” – Angela Saini2020/12/09Uncategorized2020-12-09 11:52:53
“India & China : Past, Present & Future” – Shivshankar Menon2020/11/30videos page2020-11-30 17:09:19
“The Commowealth of Cricket” – Ramachandra Guha with Naseeruddin Shah2020/11/30videos page2020-11-30 16:57:50
Preparing for Death – Arun Shourie2020/11/01videos page2020-11-01 17:17:57
Making India Great – Dr Aparna Pande2020/10/24videos page2020-10-24 17:14:13
Covid19 : Looking Back Looking Ahead – Dr Ramanan Laxminarayan2020/10/17videos page2020-10-17 17:01:42
State Capacity & Governance in India – Shruti Rajagopalan2020/10/08videos page2020-10-08 21:05:49
Laughing at others & ourselves – Anu Menon, Gautam Pemmaraju, Danish Husain2020/10/08videos page2020-10-08 18:54:25
Justice is what justice does – Justice Gautam Patel2020/10/08videos page2020-10-08 18:47:18
Just Music – T M Krishna2020/10/08videos page2020-10-08 18:40:23
Poetry of Resistance – Gauhar Raza, Hussain Haidry, Anshu Malviya2020/10/08videos page2020-10-08 18:30:55
The Economy: Looking Back, Looking Ahead- Dr Rathin Roy2020/10/08videos page2020-10-08 15:32:21
“Why did the Kangaroo punch the dragon & other fables” – Navdeep Suri2020/10/08videos page2020-10-08 15:22:59
Bangalore Little Theatre – Vijay Padaki & Minti Jain2020/10/08videos page2020-10-08 15:13:15
Gandhi, Nehru & Patel: Unity in Diversity – Mridula Mukherjee2020/10/08videos page2020-10-08 15:01:34
Crisis in Indian Democracy – Pratap Bhanu Mehta2020/10/08videos page2020-10-08 14:47:01
Running towards Mystery – Embracing Uncertainity – Ven Tenzin Priyadarshi2020/09/18videos page2020-09-18 18:02:04
Indian Society as a Changemaker – Pranay Kotasthane2020/09/07videos page2020-09-07 17:37:38
National Education Policy- Equity, Quality & Inclusion – Anita Ramphal2020/09/07videos page2020-09-07 17:28:18
The Constitution, Rule of Law & Governance during Covid19′ – Dushyant Dave2020/09/07videos page2020-09-07 17:20:55
What our prehistory tells us about ourselves’ – Tony Joseph2020/08/23videos page2020-08-23 16:51:22
Who Will Judge The Judges? – Arun Shourie2020/08/23videos page2020-08-23 16:40:09
‘Indian Democracy- As Seen Through Kashmir’ – Dr Radha Kumar2020/08/20videos page2020-08-20 16:01:21
‘Fiscal Dominance – A Theory of Everything in India’ – Dr Viral V Acharya & Ananth Narayan2020/08/20videos page2020-08-20 15:48:35
The Tragedy of the Chinese Indians – Joy Ma & Dilip D’Souza2020/08/06videos page2020-08-06 09:46:19
‘The Law of Desire’ On Sex & the Law – Madhavi Menon2020/07/29videos page2020-07-29 19:44:25
PADI BHAVAJALALU’ – Ten Ideologies by Late S. Jaipal Reddy, Sri Venkaiah Naidu with Sri B. Sudershan Reddy, Dr. Y. V. Reddy, Sri Sitaram Yechury2020/07/29videos page2020-07-29 19:26:07
‘The Bad World of Bad Loans’ – Vivek Kaul2020/07/22videos page2020-07-22 11:17:12
‘Hamara Hyderabad Kal Aur Aaj’- Oudesh Rani & Sajjad Sahid2020/07/14News2020-07-14 10:06:42
‘Hamara Hyderabad Kal Aur Aaj’- Oudesh Rani with Sajjad Sahid2020/07/14videos page2020-07-14 09:48:02
‘Thought for Food: A homegrown Crisis’ – Dipa Sinha2020/07/14videos page2020-07-14 09:37:15
The Restless Border with China – Ajai Shukla2020/07/02videos page2020-07-02 12:22:06
On the road with the Pandemic – Barkha Dutt2020/07/02videos page2020-07-02 11:55:19
‘Karma & Justice’, Exploring Karma & its interaction with justice – Kranti Saran2020/06/15videos page2020-06-15 18:14:40
Why is India Poor? – Manish Sabharwal2020/06/15videos page2020-06-15 18:01:59
The States & Covid- The Kerala Experience – Dr T M Thomas Issac2020/06/01videos page2020-06-01 14:03:16
Public Interest Litigation & the Supreme Court – Justice Madan Lokur2020/06/01videos page2020-06-01 13:21:44
India’s Backbone, Reforming agriculture for the nation’s prosperity – Gunvant Patil Hangargekar2020/05/19videos page2020-05-19 09:15:39
Dr Duvvuri Subbarao – Business Today, Telugu Andhra Jyothi, TOI2020/05/13News2020-05-13 17:26:41
The Challenges of the Corona Crisis -The Economic Dimensions Dr Duvvuri Subbarao2020/05/13videos page2020-05-13 17:10:01
Wither Scientific Temper & Rationality? Gauhar Raza2020/05/05videos page2020-05-05 16:38:13
‘History repeats itself but differently’ – Usha Thorat2020/04/28videos page2020-04-28 16:58:32
Death of Distance 3.0 – V Laxmikanth2020/04/25videos page2020-04-25 11:57:30
How the Covid 19 Economic Crisis is likely to spread? Vivek Kaul2020/04/20videos page2020-04-20 13:45:20
On Gita in Urdu – Dr Ahmad Rashid Shervani2020/04/20videos page2020-04-20 13:38:57
Mind in the middle : Coping Disasters – Dr Harish Shetty2020/04/20videos page2020-04-20 12:55:18
In Service of the Republic – Ajay Shah2020/03/30videos page2020-03-30 11:50:27
What the 9 pm news has done to the country? – Faye D’Souza2020/03/29videos page2020-03-29 17:02:09
India’s Founding Moment – Madhav Khosla2020/03/29videos page2020-03-29 16:42:08
Farming Futures – Dr Ajit Kanitkar & C Shambu Prasad2020/02/29videos page2020-02-29 10:09:28
Electoral Bonds – The Great Fraud – Nitin Sethi2020/02/25videos page2020-02-25 17:15:24
‘BUDGET 2020’ – Ajay Gandhi, M R Vikram, P R Ramesh, S Thirumalai2020/02/25videos page2020-02-25 16:54:31
‘Building The Good Society In A Divided World’ – Dele Olojede2020/02/25videos page2020-02-25 16:25:35
2019 & Beyond – Rajdeep Sardesai2020/01/29News2020-01-29 12:04:27
2019 & Beyond – Rajdeep Sardesai2020/01/21videos page2020-01-21 15:52:52
The State of the Citizen – Faizan Mustafa2020/01/06News2020-01-06 16:34:16
The State Of The Citizen – Prof Faizan Mustafa2020/01/06videos page2020-01-06 16:03:33
Lions on the Throne – Arghya Sengupta with Justice Chelameswar2020/01/06videos page2020-01-06 14:49:30
The Promise Of India – Jaimini Bhagwati2019/12/12videos page2019-12-12 09:14:45
Cricket on & off the field – Harsha Bhogle2019/12/12videos page2019-12-12 08:59:48
Liberalism is Consent – Amit Varma2019/12/02videos page2019-12-02 16:04:58
The Key to India’s prosperity – Barun Mitra2019/12/02videos page2019-12-02 12:03:57
The Climate Change Crisis and how to deal with it – TIM FLANNERY2019/12/02videos page2019-12-02 11:52:15
Manthan Samvaad 2019 – Siasat Newspaper2019/10/09News2019-10-09 13:53:20
Liberty and the Big State – Sagarika Ghose2019/10/08videos page2019-10-08 20:06:50
The Great Economic Slowdown – Vivek Kaul2019/10/08videos page2019-10-08 19:51:51
Gandhi’s Truth – Divya Dwivedi & Shaj Mohan2019/10/08videos page2019-10-08 19:36:50
My Constitution’s country – Menaka Guruswamy2019/10/08videos page2019-10-08 19:13:12
Gandhi Now – Sudarshan Iyengar2019/10/08videos page2019-10-08 18:58:27
Kashmir – the State and the Status – Srinath Raghavan2019/10/08videos page2019-10-08 18:27:19
India – A 5 Trillion Economy K.V.Subramanian2019/10/08videos page2019-10-08 18:04:37
‘Fixing a Broken Government System’ Lessons from Delhi’s Education Revolution -Atishi2019/09/28videos page2019-09-28 09:46:04
Transformative Constitution – Gautam Bhatia2019/09/27videos page2019-09-27 20:52:59
Terror Error – Mohd Aamir Khan2019/09/27videos page2019-09-27 20:25:57
Seeing the edge of the Universe – Prof Subir Sarkar2019/09/27videos page2019-09-27 19:57:32
Conservation of the temples of Chambal Valley – K K Muhammed2019/08/25videos page2019-08-25 09:30:54
Union Budget 2019 – S Thirumalai, C Parthasarathy, Ajay Gandhi, M R Vikram2019/08/25videos page2019-08-25 09:23:32
Caste in Stone – Dr Anand Teltumbde2019/08/25videos page2019-08-25 09:13:14
‘China, 5G and India’s National Security’ – Harold Furchtgott-Roth2019/08/25videos page2019-08-25 07:53:42
Hopes and fears in the world of Artificial Intelligence – Prof Subbharao Kambhapati2019/08/25videos page2019-08-25 06:33:19
‘On Hindu Sultans and an Italian Brahmin’ forgotten tales from the Deccan Manu S Pillai2019/08/02videos page2019-08-02 14:55:45
Evolution of Military Strategy – Major Gen Ashok Sheoran, VSM, (Rtd)2019/08/02videos page2019-08-02 11:59:52
‘China, 5G and India’s National Security’ – Harold Furchtgott-Roth2019/07/10Uncategorized2019-07-10 20:10:36
Living with wildlife – Dr Krithi Karanth2019/07/10videos page2019-07-10 06:09:53
‘TAGging the Teenager’ – Rohini Mukherjee2019/06/26videos page2019-06-26 12:54:44
TAGging the Teenager – Rohini Mukherjee – Deccan Chronicle2019/06/24News2019-06-24 13:25:50
‘Conservation of the Temples of Chambal Valley’ – K K Muhammed2019/06/17Uncategorized2019-06-17 14:54:55
 Social Media & Subversion of Democracy -Y Kiran Chandra2019/05/06videos page2019-05-06 14:53:02
Partition of the Heart – Harsh Mander2019/05/06videos page2019-05-06 14:29:32
China’s Innovation Model : Lessons for the world Ravi Bhoothalingam2019/05/06videos page2019-05-06 12:50:42
‘Partitions of the Heart’ – Harsh Mander2019/04/18Uncategorized2019-04-18 12:32:52
The Revelance & Timelessness of Gandhi – Sudhir Chandra2019/04/10videos page2019-04-10 15:29:08
Saving the idea of India – P Chidambaram2019/03/11videos page2019-03-11 14:34:26
‘The Relevance & Timelessness of Gandhi’ – Prof Sudhir Chandra2019/03/10Uncategorized2019-03-10 20:22:13
‘Chaliye Ambedkar ko Vanakkam’ The Elephant in the Republic’s Living Room – G Sampath2019/03/08videos page2019-03-08 14:55:26
Macabre Social Capital – Dr C. Christine Fair2019/03/08videos page2019-03-08 12:34:25
“Macabre Social Capital : The Families of Pakistan’s Lashkar -e -Taiba” – C. Christine Fair2019/03/06Manthan Blog2019-03-06 15:20:41
People’s Archive of Rural India – P. Sainath2019/01/19videos page2019-01-19 19:27:19
Manthan with Arvind Subramanian – The Hindu2018/12/19News2018-12-19 15:46:18
Manthan with Arvind Subramanian – Deccan Chronicle2018/12/19News2018-12-19 15:41:55
The Politics of Economics – Arvind Subramanian with Dr Y V Reddy & C Rammanohar Reddy2018/12/19videos page2018-12-19 14:08:56
Words Are All We Have – Bachi Karkaria in conversation with Sridala Swami2018/10/25videos page2018-10-25 10:47:07
Sach Ki Parchaiyiyaan – Kanhaiya Kumar @ Manthan Samvaad 20182018/10/15videos page2018-10-15 14:19:51
Bhagwad Gita in Urdu – Ahmed Rashid Shervani2018/10/02videos page2018-10-02 15:50:13
How Indians can build India – Amit Chandra @ Manthan Samvaad 20182018/10/02videos page2018-10-02 13:59:19
Why I am a Hindu – Shashi Tharoor @Manthan Samvaad 20182018/10/02videos page2018-10-02 13:17:42
Shadows – Daniel Fernandes @ Manthan Samvaad 20182018/10/02Uncategorized2018-10-02 12:36:51
Climate Change – Tejal Kanitkar @ Manthan Samvaad 20182018/10/02videos page2018-10-02 11:55:01
Republic of Intolerance – Justice Ajit Shah @Manthan Samvaad 20182018/10/02videos page2018-10-02 11:51:04
Manthan with Hindol Sengupta – TOI2018/09/28News2018-09-28 14:08:59
The Man who saved India – Hindol Sengupta2018/09/26videos page2018-09-26 14:19:13
Inequality and Agrarian Distress – P Sainath2018/08/18videos page2018-08-18 16:50:21
Can Enlightenment prevent Auschwitz – Apoorvanand2018/08/06videos page2018-08-06 15:20:04
Intertwined Lives – P.N.Haksar & Indira Gandhi. Jairam Ramesh in conversation with C Rammanohar Reddy2018/08/06videos page2018-08-06 13:57:34
Manthan with Jairam Ramesh – Sakshi Paper2018/07/29News2018-07-29 17:59:05
Manthan with Jairam Ramesh – The Hindu2018/07/29News2018-07-29 17:14:32
The RTI Story by Aruna Roy2018/07/11Manthan Blog2018-07-11 11:26:06
The Fake News Epidemic – Pratik Sinha2018/07/07videos page2018-07-07 14:45:35
How India must create 20 million jobs a year? Nitin Pai2018/06/21videos page2018-06-21 12:35:26
Manthan with Arun Shourie – The Hindu2018/05/28News2018-05-28 12:30:52
Manthan with Arun Shourie – TOI2018/05/28News2018-05-28 12:10:41
Manthan with Arun Shourie – TOI2018/05/27News2018-05-27 12:07:40
Manthan with Arun Shourie – Deccan Chronicle2018/05/26News2018-05-26 12:39:30
Arun Shourie talks on ‘What Can We Do About the Courts?’2018/05/25Manthan Blog2018-05-25 18:30:25
What are our courts doing? What should we do about them? – Arun Shourie2018/05/25videos page2018-05-25 10:18:36
After class 12 make informed decisions – Peri Maheshwar, Mahesh Sarma and Prabha Dhavala2018/05/18videos page2018-05-18 09:40:52
Manthan with Aruna Roy – The Hindu2018/05/12News2018-05-12 14:18:05
The RTI Story – Aruna Roy2018/05/12videos page2018-05-12 07:32:04
Release of Arun Shourie’s book – Anita Gets Bail – Manthan @Bengaluru2018/05/11videos page2018-05-11 09:46:31
How to be human? Manjeet Hirani2018/04/28videos page2018-04-28 07:39:31
Peri Maheshwer speaks on ‘The Demographic Nightmare’2018/04/20Manthan Blog2018-04-20 18:30:46
The Demographic Nightmare : Education System, Lack of Investments & India’s Nightmare – Peri Maheshwar2018/04/20videos page2018-04-20 07:36:55
Ambedkar & The Ideas That Shaped India – Ananya Vajpeyi2018/04/14videos page2018-04-14 05:06:17
Rethinking the Making of the Carnatic Voice – Smt Vedavalli, Vijay Siva, Anant Vaidyanathan2018/03/24videos page2018-03-24 09:42:35
Triple Talaq – Indira Jaising2018/03/17videos page2018-03-17 09:06:35
Democracy Dialogues – Arvind Subramanium2018/03/15videos page2018-03-15 05:27:00
Speaking truth to Power – P Chidambaram2018/02/24videos page2018-02-24 11:19:34
Union Budget 2018 – S Thirumalai, Ajay Gandhi, M R Vikram & C Parthasarathy2018/02/01videos page2018-02-01 08:35:23
Mothering a Muslim,why every Indian must worry – Nazia Erum2018/01/16videos page2018-01-16 11:50:18
Jan Dhan – Before and Beyond – M S Sriram2018/01/10videos page2018-01-10 11:49:33
Can we make people more honest? – Biju Dominic2017/12/05videos page2017-12-05 05:52:52
Release of a book, “Manaku teliyani MS “. A Culture & Community Talk – T M Krishna2017/11/24videos page2017-11-24 06:07:18
Power of Oppurtunity, A Turnaround in welfare residential schools – Praveen Kumar2017/11/10videos page2017-11-10 06:35:38
Darwin & After – Vidyanand Nanjundiah2017/10/13videos page2017-10-13 06:26:50
Improving Democracy – Some Recent Lessons – Prof Trilochan Sastry2017/10/12videos page2017-10-12 14:33:17
Vignettes of Success, Career and Relationships2017/10/12videos page2017-10-12 14:29:48
Save the Tiger and also the Rudra Veena2017/10/12videos page2017-10-12 14:26:02
First World Economy & Third World Politics: Can they co-exist?2017/10/12videos page2017-10-12 14:18:46
Becoming on Extraordinary Leader: Transforming yourself to transform others2017/10/12videos page2017-10-12 14:15:25
Making Hyderabad an International tourist destination- Jayesh Ranjan2017/10/12videos page2017-10-12 14:13:43
Bollywood and the Psychology of Love – Rashna Gandhi2017/10/12videos page2017-10-12 14:11:52
Communalism and Nationalism – Mridula Mukherjee2017/10/12videos page2017-10-12 13:38:07
Democracy & Naxalism – K. G. Kannabiran2017/10/12videos page2017-10-12 13:01:15
Keep Tabs On All The Manthan ActivityLorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. Lorem Ipsum has …2017/10/12videos page2017-10-12 09:25:06
Vichitra Kintu Satya – Varun Grover @ Manthan Samvaad 20172017/10/02videos page2017-10-02 10:02:25
Rule of Law – Justice Chelmeshwar @ Manthan Samvaad 20172017/10/02videos page2017-10-02 09:48:10
Kashmir – Now and Way forward – Yashwant Sinha @ Manthan Samvaad 20172017/10/02videos page2017-10-02 09:15:53
Making & Unmaking of the nation – Sucheta Mahajan @ Manthan Samvaad 20172017/10/02videos page2017-10-02 08:54:20
Where the mind is without fear – Nitin Pai @ Manthan Samvaad 20172017/10/02videos page2017-10-02 07:31:39
Transparency to Accountability – Nikhil Dey @Manthan Samvaad 20172017/10/02videos page2017-10-02 07:15:37
Gandhi & the dimensions of truth & Alternate Truths – Ravish Kumar @Manthan Samvaad 20172017/10/02videos page2017-10-02 06:55:16
Janwaar Castle – Ulrike Reinhard2017/08/11videos page2017-08-11 11:49:52
Liberty and Cyber Space – N S Nappinai2017/07/14videos page2017-07-14 11:02:08
Two Saints – Arun Shourie with Y V Reddy2017/06/17videos page2017-06-17 05:12:35
Citizen & The Number – Usha Ramanathan2017/05/26videos page2017-05-26 05:59:00
National Health Policy – K.Sujatha Rao2017/04/07videos page2017-04-07 06:06:55
Demonetisation and Black Money – C Rammanohar Reddy2017/03/24videos page2017-03-24 05:19:39
Making Hindi Hot – Manish Gupta2017/03/17videos page2017-03-17 06:41:57
Fearless in Opposition, Power and Accountability – P.Chidambaram2017/02/24videos page2017-02-24 07:35:57
WHEN CRIME PAYS: Money & Muscle in Indian Politics – Milan Vaishnava2017/02/13videos page2017-02-13 09:02:36
Union Budget 2017 – S Thirumalai, Ajay Gandhi, M R Vikram, C Parthasarathy2017/02/01videos page2017-02-01 11:51:02
Global Phenomena & Human Survival, an evolutionary perspective – Sesh Velamoor2017/01/20videos page2017-01-20 09:47:28
My Memories – Y V Reddy2017/01/06videos page2017-01-06 10:18:11
India’s war in Bastar – Nandini Sundar2017/01/04videos page2017-01-04 10:07:42
Uniform Civil Code & Personal Laws – Faizan Mustafa2016/12/16videos page2016-12-16 06:43:35
Demonetisation Debate – Anil Padmanabhan and Himanshu2016/12/03videos page2016-12-03 06:51:09
Capitalist & Racist Patriarchy – Zillah Eisenstein2016/10/19videos page2016-10-19 08:29:38
Violence Studies- Kalpana Kannabiran, V Geetha, Abdul Shaban2016/10/15videos page2016-10-15 08:23:41
Rhyme & Reason, a Musical Autobiography – Sofia Ashraf2016/10/02videos page2016-10-02 12:33:09
Vultures of Modern India – Josy Joseph2016/10/02videos page2016-10-02 11:49:36
World Class Higher Education in India – Pramath Raj Sinha2016/10/02videos page2016-10-02 10:48:42
Artificial Intelligence and how it is changing the way we work, live and play- Manoj Saxena2016/10/02videos page2016-10-02 10:47:51
Centre State Relations – Y V Reddy2016/10/02videos page2016-10-02 09:59:23
English and its influence on our national priorities – Aakar Patel2016/10/02videos page2016-10-02 06:39:42
Democracy, Human Dignity & Manual Scavenging – Bezwada Wilson2016/10/02videos page2016-10-02 06:18:17
Democrats & Dissenters – Ramachandra Guha2016/09/24videos page2016-09-24 07:08:11
Emotional Well Being – Nithya Shanti2016/09/17videos page2016-09-17 07:31:38
Who Moved My Interest Rate? – Duvvuri Subbarao2016/08/27videos page2016-08-27 08:21:07
Technology transforming healthcare – Anthony Vipin Das2016/08/23videos page2016-08-23 09:04:12
India, a Leading Power – Ashley Tellis2016/08/23videos page2016-08-23 08:29:16
Old History, New Geography – Jairam Ramesh2016/07/16videos page2016-07-16 09:15:46
Why governments do not work and what can be done about it – Shailesh Gandhi2016/07/02videos page2016-07-02 10:01:08
SRDP & KBR Park – Facts, Issues & Impact – Papa Rao BV & Kingshuk Nag2016/06/24videos page2016-06-24 10:34:41
Dissenting Diagnosis – Arun Gadre2016/06/18videos page2016-06-18 10:43:00
Whose Cinema is it Anyway? Krishnan Hariharan2016/05/07videos page2016-05-07 11:10:39
Learning Ability from Disability – Meera Shenoy in conversation with Amala Akkineni2016/04/06videos page2016-04-06 10:55:14
Standing Guard, One Year in Opposition – P Chidambaram2016/03/19videos page2016-03-19 11:27:57
India’s Foreign Policy – Muchkund Dubey2016/03/11videos page2016-03-11 11:46:16
The Mindset of a Transformation – Kris Gethin2016/03/09videos page2016-03-09 10:37:15
Becoming on Extraordinary Leader: Transforming yourself to transform others – Ven Tenzin Priyadarshi2016/03/02videos page2016-03-02 10:33:17
The Rise of Deadly Superbugs, How can we respond? Ramanan Laxminarayan, Radha Rangarajan, Dilip Nathwani, Sanjeev Singh2016/03/01videos page2016-03-01 11:16:23
Union Budget 2016 – S Thirumalai, Ajay Gandhi, M R Vikram, C Parthasarathy2016/02/29videos page2016-02-29 11:24:54
Vignettes of Success, Career and Relationships – R GopalKrishnan2016/02/13videos page2016-02-13 08:25:49
Nuclear Weapons & Nuclear Security – Mark Bucknam2016/02/08videos page2016-02-08 06:30:09
Disruption through Techonology and Consumer Experience, Story of the Zoomcar -Greg Moran2015/12/19videos page2015-12-19 06:23:41
Kashmir Today – A S Dulat2015/12/02videos page2015-12-02 07:30:09
Gandhi 3.0 : Bridging the Internet to the – Nipun Mehta2015/11/25videos page2015-11-25 11:13:34
A New World:The Changing Balance of Power – Atul Singh2015/11/20videos page2015-11-20 11:47:41
Presumed Guilty : the Aarushi Talwar story – Avirook Sen2015/11/07videos page2015-11-07 12:05:15
Cyber Espionage: A strategic Threat or an Exaggerated Nuisance? Adam Segal2015/10/20videos page2015-10-20 11:15:57
The Story of the 1991 Reforms – Jairam Ramesh2015/10/17videos page2015-10-17 04:22:44
Startups, India’s Silver Bullet? R Chandrashekhar @Manthan Samvaad 20152015/10/02videos page2015-10-02 14:49:07
How Entrepreneurs Can Change Everything You Hate About India – Hindol Sengupta2015/10/02videos page2015-10-02 13:22:21
Sva Kranti – Mallika Sarabhai @Manthan Samvaad 20152015/10/02videos page2015-10-02 07:54:07
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