Making Hindi Hot – Manish Gupta

By March 17, 2017videos page

The Talk

Manish Gupta, a pioneer in promoting Hindi and Indian languages, spoke about Bollywood’s previously unexplored obsession with Hindi-Urdu literature. And how he tapped it to unite greatly divided Hindi literary fraternity and made it cool for the young generation that has otherwise been a slave of English language.

Amongst the naysayers he brought hope and plausibility of a golden future for all vernacular language literature.

Manish Gupta

Creator of the most significant literary-cultural project ever, Manish Gupta, an NRI returned to India to make millions fall in love with Hindi and Urdu poetry. Hindi Kavita and Urdu Studio are not merely YouTube Channels where the whole film-industry has come together to ignite the interest of masses towards Hindi-Urdu poetry, it has turned into a social movement too.

Manish has an MBA in Tourism. He worked in advertising, and IT. He gave it all away to write and direct two feature films. Survived as a painter and photographer. Ran a night-club on South Beach Miami. Produced and created ground-breaking TV show. He ran away from it all and somehow fell in love with wealth of Hindustani poetry.

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