Mind in the middle : Coping Disasters – Dr Harish Shetty

By April 20, 2020videos page

Dr Harish Shetty will speak and advise on how we all should cope with mental issues in cataclysmic times like now.

Dr Harish Shetty, Psychiatrist

Dr Harish Shetty is one of the most renowned psychiatrists of India. He has extensive experience in the field of disaster and mental health.

Dr Shetty is a frequent speaker, columnist and a hugely sought after psychiatrist. He is well known for his practical and rational approach to mental health.

He has worked at Latur in 1992 1993 for a year, at Kandla after the cyclone for a year, evaluated the Psycho social processes at Jabalpur & Gujarat after the earth quake for a human rights group and also worked at Gujarat after the last riots for 6 months . This was on the invitation of Amritaben Patel then head of NDDB. His work was related to providing mental health relief.

He is a governing body member of the NTA appointed by the Govt of India

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