Social Media & Subversion of Democracy -Y Kiran Chandra

By May 6, 2019videos page

The Talk
Large scale consumption of information technology has resulted in generation of data in large amounts. The data generated is being observed, studied, monitored and used to change the behaviour of individuals to suit to a particular opinion.

While the advent of the electronic medium at the dawn of the millennium was central for the manufacturing of consent now the social media platforms in a combination with mobile phones are moving to manipulating consent and modifying behaviour. The Talk shall dwell on this theme.

This Talk is in association with P M BHARGAVA FOUNDATION and held to commemorate the memory of Dr P M BHARGAVA, an outstanding public intellectual, scientist and institution builder.

Y Kiran Chandra General Secretary, Free software Movement of India

Kiran is General Secretary Free Software Movement of India, a national coalition of organisations working for free software, free knowledge and a free society.

He is Founding member and Chairman, Swecha, a free software initiative working on developing and building free software infrastructure on a movement mode. Involves significant interventions in local language computing, policy change in curriculum, deployment, training and development of free software along with work on issues of patents and copyright.

He is associated with policy level changes in imparting free software based computer education in schools. Building and incubating FOSS delivery models.

He has worked as a consultant for media houses on services over internet.
He has extensively toured India for the propagation of free software and nurture building of free software communities.

He is an active proponent of Digital Freedom and has been in the forefront of the struggles against 66A, Freebasics and other issues.

He has been actively campaigning on the issues of internet surveillance.

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