The Demographic Nightmare : Education System, Lack of Investments & India’s Nightmare – Peri Maheshwar

By April 20, 2018videos page
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India is blessed with demand, democracy and demographic dividend”, said the prime minister. And every Prime Minister before him too has said the same. Does being the most populous and a young nation entitle you to claim demographic dividend? Does dividend accrue without the right investments? Have we laid a claim on the dividend without the right Investments? Do we even have a right to that dividend?

The story of the demographics of India are most likely to turn into a nightmare in the absence of the right policies on education, research, innovation, skilling and employment. We may be the most populous but not necessarily the best Human Resource in the world. The story of India in the last decade has been far from being a nation out to take advantage of the demographics.

Where do we stand? What have we done? What have others done? What needs to be done? Where are we missing out? The demographics, the investments and the gaps. And do we have a right to Demographic Dividend

Peri Maheshwar

A passionate entrepreneur, Mahesh is a qualified CA, CMA and ACS. He started his career as an investment banker with SBI Capital Markets.

He was associated with the Outlook Publishing group for 17 years and headed it for more than 10 years. Mahesh has been persistent with his views on education, jobs and demographic dividend. In the midst of all the confusion over GDP numbers, Mahesh has been insisting that for a populous country like India, the only measure to judge government’s performance is job creation. Mahesh believes that the demographic dividend India seeks can turn into a nightmare if youth are not shown the right path.

CAREERS360 is the result of his deep understanding of student issues, and the information gaps that need to be filled to help students take an informed career decision

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