“THE PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE OF COVID -19 ”:- Prof. Gautam I Menon

By May 31, 2021videos page

The Talk:
Covid 19 has impacted the world unimaginably.

Even as we live through it, thinking about the COVID-19 pandemic, where it came from, what it has done to us and what might happen in the future is important. While every pandemic of infectious disease is unique, there are some common lessons we can learn from them. Prof Menon will describe this background and the impact of COVID-19 on India, discussing the lessons the current pandemic holds for us as a society.


Prof Gautam I Menon is one of India’s most respected scientists specialising in biophysical problems and modelling of infectious disease. He has written and spoken widely on Covid.
Gautam I Menon is a Professor of Physics and Biology at Ashoka University and at the Institute of Mathematical Sciences. He was awarded the Swarnajayanti Fellowship of the DST (India) and is an elected Fellow of the National Academy of Sciences (India). A biophysicist, the modeling of infectious disease and its implications for public policy is a long-standing interest of his. Apart from his scientific work, he is interested in making science interesting and accessible to the public.

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