‘The Trajectory Of Trust’ – Mohit Satyanand

By December 13, 2020videos page

Despite its complex history of shifting boundaries, invasions, colonial rule, and multiple cultures, India has a strong tradition of trust.

Over this cultural legacy, the independent nation built a structure of institutions and laws that enhanced a sense of justice, transparency, and shared power that was ambitious, and punched well above our economic weight. ‘Satyameva Jayate’ underpinned the quest for truth, which is the surest foundation of trust.

How well have we nurtured this sense of trust, as our institutions are being buffeted by rapid changes in the economy, politics and the media?

If Trust is damaged, what will this do to our nation, not just as an instrument of growth and social cohesion, but as a deeply stabilising condition of the human experience?

Mohit Satyanand, Investor, Columnist, Actor

Mohit Satyanand co-founded and now chairs Teamwork Arts, which runs the Jaipur Literature Festival.
An active investor, his current focus is on start-ups; he leads a start-up syndicate, and mentors a clutch of businesses.
An amateur actor, Mohit has an abiding interest in promoting the arts, and public fora of expression.
He has also steered or established social initiatives that work with remote communities in the Himalayas, and with the children of the street.
Mohit is a sporadic columnist, covering variously, economic policy, investing, marketing, travel and the performing arts.

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