‘Thought for Food: A homegrown Crisis’ – Dipa Sinha

By July 14, 2020videos page

Post lockdown we saw thousands of migrants walking back to their villages. There have been newspaper reports of hunger and distress. On the other side of the spectrum, Food Corporation of India (FCI), which is the government’s nodal agency for procurement and distribution of grain, reports adequate and sufficient food stock. This discussion will analyse this dichotomy.
Dipa will discuss if this problem is only pandemic-related or whether it has deeper roots and suggest steps for its mitigation. Drawing parallels with the high malnutrition rate in India and a myriad of other issues, this topic promises to be both informative and gripping.

Dipa Sinha,  Economist

Dipa Sinha teaches Economics at Ambedkar University, Delhi. She has been actively involved with the Right to Food Campaign India for over15 years. She worked with the Office of Commissioners to the Supreme Court (Right to Food), Centre for Equity Studies and Public Health Research Network. Her articles and research are delve into issues related to food, nutrition, public health and gender.

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