Vignettes of Success, Career and Relationships – R GopalKrishnan

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The Talk

This is based on the speaker’s latest book: Six Lenses: Vignettes of Success, Career and Relationships.

Almost with a touch of philosophy, yet firmly grounded in the reality of business and national affairs, the author argues that ‘there is no reality, only perceptions of reality.’ Perceptions influence our thoughts and actions and these, in turn, are influenced by the ‘lenses’ through which we see the world. There are six such lenses: purpose, authenticity, courage, trust, luck and fulfilment. R. Gopalakrishnan uses, as examples, the lives of ‘ordinary people’ to illustrate his view. By rotating the lenses, he attempts to understand what success in career and life really means. While biographies of celebrities are inspiring to read, they are often read like dramatic fairy tales-out of the scope of an average person. But in Six Lenses, Gopalakrishnan narrates the stories of Plus (people like us)-as he likes to call them-from business and society, whom he has known during his illustrious career. He elucidates the extraordinary lessons that can be learnt from everyday experiences and shows how, by altering our perceptions, we can better overcome the challenges we face at work and in family matters. Thought-provoking, profound and questioning, the talk will make you look at your life and career in a different light.

R. Gopalakrishnan

Mr Gopalakrishnan is one of the most reputed business leaders, management thinker and author.

He spends his early mornings doing what he loves most: pondering and writing. An inspiring speaker and a deep thinker, he loves to connect stand-alone dots to weave distinctive and masterful narratives. While his anecdotes are derived from management and business, the themes he focusses on are inspired from nature, psychology and common sense.

He has been Director of TATA Sons Ltd, Chairman of TATA Autocomp system, Honeywell and Rallis India, Vice Chairman of TATA Chemicals. He also serves as a Director on the Board of Tata Power, Tata Technologies, AkzoNobel India, Castrol India and ABP Pvt. Ltd.

He has lived and worked in India, the UK and Saudi Arabia.

Gopal has authored several bestselling books and delivered over 100 keynote speeches internationally. Some of the books are:

Six Lenses: Vignettes of Success, Career and Relationships
The Case of the Bonsai Manager
When the Penny Drops: Learning What’s Not Taught
What the CEO really wants from you: The 4 As for managerial success
A comma in a sentence: The extra-ordinary story of an ordinary family over six generations

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