What did Lord Ram eat? A history of India Food – D Balasubramanian

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The Talk

Over 50% of what we Indians eat is not Indian in origin. Many of these were brought to us by foreigners – notably the Europeans, and by Tamil ‘kings’ who went sailing to the Southeast Asian lands in search of wealth. Some of these facts are stunning and humbling. The chili pepper is a foreign import into India, so are coffee, tea, and even Idlis.

Contrary to general belief, over 60% of India eats meat and fish. Sita loved venison, while the Pandavas roasted buffalos and fed them to Brahmins. What Lord Rama, or Krishna, ate was bland in comparison to what we eat today.

Hear was an account of the history and development of Indian cuisine over the millennia from an accomplished scientist, speaker and writer.

PS : This talk has no video.

D Balasubramanian, Dr

Prof Dorairajan Balasubramanian, Ph. D. is a very accomplished scientist, and a frequent and sought after speaker and commentator on science.

He is the Director of Research, L. V. Prasad Eye Institute. His research interests include Molecular and Cellular Approaches to Understand and Treat Diseases of the Eye.He has published over 175 research papers and 2 books.

His other interest include working in the area of Public Understanding of Science, through popular science newspaper columns, radio and TV programs. He has published over 450 popular articles and 6 books.
He has worked with governments and agencies on issues of science and technology.
He is a Chairman of the Biotechnology Advisory Council,Govt. of Andhra Pradesh.

He has been confered with the Padma Shri, National honour by the President of India, 2002

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