Who Does the Musician Sing for? T M Krishna

By March 30, 2012videos page

The Talk

Classical music, in particular Indian classical music, demands a discerning, understanding and sensitive audience. The musician enjoys singing and playing for himself, and also to a quality audience.

One of the most cerebral, talented and accomplished artists of Indian classical music  discussed this important issue, along with some demonstration.

PS : This talk has no video

T M Krishna

Vidvan T.M. Krishna is at the forefront of classical vocalists in India today and is known in the musical world as a classicist.  His tremendous stage presence, his awe inspiring voice, his great scholarship and his ability to transcend cultural borders makes him the greatest ambassador of Carnatic classical music.

He contributes to Carnatic music in numerous ways other than performing. He has started and is involved in many organisations whose work spreads across the whole spectrum of Carnatic music including, research, archival and documentations, taking Carnatic music to various parts of society and to smaller towns and villages, conducting festivals focused at the youth, supporting artists from rural south India who need opportunities to widen their horizons and spotting youth talent and giving them  opportunities.

He conducts creativity workshops for corporates and has lectured in various organisations like  IIM Bangalore, IIT Madras, CII, and Harvard University.

He is an author who has co-authored “Voices within” a book dedicated to some of the greats of Carnatic music and contributes regularly to various journals and newspapers.

He has also always been in the forefront to raise very many sensitive issues that affects Carnatic music over many years. A multifaceted personality, truly.

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