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A peek into the Manthan world

Reimagining India’s Economic Future

conversation with Raghuram Rajan and Rohit Lamba

Jonah Batambuze

Black x Brown Love Can Help Change The World

Suraj Yengde

Second Ajay Gandhi Memorial Lecture: Wokeness of Caste and the Culture of Untouchability


What they say

Manthan is a distinctive and impressive platform. I have not come across anything like this in India. The diversity, the commitment and the enthusiasm of your members clearly shines through. It is quite unbelievable that you have built such a following and sustained it. I hope Manthan becomes a movement across our country. Thanks for inviting me to speak - it was a privilege.

Pramath Raj SinhaCo-Founder, Ashoka University

Manthan affords a platform to eminent people in different walks of life to articulate their vision, concepts,ideas and talent for the enlightenment of an audience, which again is comprised of equally distinguished and accomplished people.It promotes discussion and churning on ideas in a free, frank and often constructive way. Manthan has , in avet short period, become an integral part of the lives of the socially aware people in Hyderabad.

Santosh MehraAddl DGP, Hyderabad

Manthan is not only a celebration of democracy. It is also an experiment with democracy by the novel way it stimulates and shapes exchanges between Hyderabad citizenry and scientists, artists and public intellectuals from all over India and beyond. To be a speaker in Manthan was as rewarding a learning experience for me as it was to be part of the audience.

Dr Wiebe E. BijkerFaculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Maastricht University Maastricht, The Netherlands

I have been watching Manthan grow since its inception from a small group to a 'Manthan' that has churned ideas and thoughts cutting across diverse issues and nations. It has sought persons with eminence and gave an opportunity to Hyderabadis to listen, engage and interact with them. Manthan has now become a forum where important persons seek to address as they recognise the value of the audience that is serious and informed. Manthan is unique and has filled a huge gap in the Hyderabad institutional space. It has been my privilege to be associated with this silent movement.

Shantha SinhaChairperson, National Commission for Protection of Child Rights, Magsasay Awardee

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