Vibrant, intelligent conversations are essential for democracy to survive and thrive, and for a healthy civilsociety.Manthan exists solely to promote high quality public discourse and intelligent conversations.Manthan aims to strengthen democratic, liberal and secular values through public discourse. Manthan aims to become an important voice in the formation of informed, rational public opinion.


Manthan hosts thought leaders for talks and manthan (churning). Any issue that can engage and inform a curious mind is welcome and Manthan has had an extremely wide variety of issues which are subjects of talks. Manthan brings in the finest thinkers to engage with the citizens of Hyderabad.Manthan has hosted close to 300 manthans since 2005. Manthan events are extremely well attended, with numbers ranging from 250 and up to 750.

Manthan Samvaad

On October 2, every year since 2013, the Finest Minds come to deliver Talks On Things That Matter. It is a festival of thoughts and ideas.Manthan Samvaad (www.manthansamvaad.com) is a landmark event in the city’s calendar and is keenly looked forward to by citizens of Hyderabad.Over 2500 people attend the day-long event with complete engagement.


  • Manthan has 20000+ opt-in members.
  • This eclectic group consists of all kinds of people – academics, businessmen, managers, bureaucrats, police officers, judges, professionals, home makers, students etc.
  • The Manthan audience is unique – intelligent, concerned and engaged.

Free to Participate

All events of Manthan are totally free for anyone to attend.

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  • Manthan Foundation is not-for-profit and was founded in 2005 by Ajay Gandhi and M R Vikram.
  • Manthan is managed by an Advisory Board consisting of Bashir Babu Khan, Chandana Chakrabarti, Kamlesh Gandhi, K Madhava Rao, Manek Daruwala, Ravi S, Rama Mohan Giri and Suheim Sheikh, besides Ajay Gandhi & M R Vikram.
  • Manthan Foundation is registered u/s 12A and 80G of the Income Tax Act.


If you have questions, comments or suggestions, we are more than happy to hear from you. You can reach us by using the information provided on this page or by filling out the form on this page. We will reply as soon as possible.


Manthan Foundation,
1002 Paigah Plaza,
Hyderabad 500063 India

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Ph: +91-40-66360000
Email: info@manthanindia.com


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