An Odyssey with Films

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Bollywood’s narrative weaves bright and dark tales, shaping myths and shattering dreams. It births stars and obscures talent amidst staggering numbers, thrilling spectacles, timeless melodies, and melodrama. Whether dubbed the dream factory or Bollywood, it’s an incredible journey of triumphs and failures, agony and ecstasy. From the highs of success to the lows of obscurity, the cinematic saga persists. it is an unbelievable adventure of hits and misses. It is also the story of agony and ecstasy. Periodically defeated but never vanquished the story Bollywood is a story in itself.

L Ravichander

Ravichander is a seasoned film critic and a legal correspondent with “The Deccan Chronicle”. He has 45 years of experience as a legal practitioner and has been an avid film critic for four decades. His film reviews have appeared on the pages of “The Indian Express”, “The Hans India”, “Telangana Today” and “The Deccan Chronicle”. A Telangana High Court Legal Services Committee member, Ravichander has represented multiple chief ministers and has appeared for state and central governments, banks and railways.

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