‘History repeats itself but differently’ – Usha Thorat

By April 28, 2020videos page


Starting 1991, India has weathered several economic crises. From each of these, policymakers have tried to glean important lessons in terms of mitigating and averting the worst consequences of the next crisis. Yet this learning depends on correctly identifying the causes and propagation mechanisms of these events. Correctly diagnosing COVID 19’s challenges will be key to solving future crises, such as those arising out of climate change and loss of bio-diversity.

With her vast experience and deep understanding, Usha Thorat will take us on a journey of how India managed previous crises and how it could manage the present one.

Usha Thorat, Former Deputy Governor RBI

Usha’s career in RBI covered all areas of Central Banking. In 2005, Usha was appointed as Deputy Governor of RBI, a post she held for five years till November 2010. At the time of the global financial crisis, during the period 2008 to 2010, she was in charge of banking regulation and supervision.

After stepping down from RBI, she became the first Director of the Centre for Advanced Financial Research (CAFRAL) , an organisation set up by RBI as a centre of excellence for research and learning.

Usha is active in the not –for- profit sector. She is a Trustee of the Indian Cancer Society and heads its Cancer Cure Fund. She is Chairman of the Lotus Medical Foundation Kolhapur which works on HIV/AIDS issues. As Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Foundation for Ecological Security, and the Vice President of the Governing Council of Bombay Natural History Society, Mumbai, she takes keen interest in environmental issues.

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