The States & Covid- The Kerala Experience – Dr T M Thomas Issac

By June 1, 2020videos page


Dr Thomas Isaac will speak on the Kerala experience in fighting Covid and about issues concerning centre-state relations in the current context.

Dr T. M. Thomas Issac Minister of Finance & Coir, Govt of Kerala

Dr T M Thomas Isaac is the Finance and Coir Minister of Kerala.

Kerala has won worldwide acclaim and praise for its hugely successful handling of the Covid pandemic. No other state in India, and very few across the world, have managed the problems as well.

Dr Thomas Isaac is a 4-time MLA, having started his political life as an activist since 1971. Over years he has held several important positions.

Dr Thomas Isaac is a well known economist. He has authored a number of articles on Economics, Planning and Politics which were published in leading Regional, National and International Periodicals.

He has authored more than 50 books both in Malayalam and English. He won the Kerala Sahithya Academy award for ‘Keralam: Mannum Manushyanum’ in 1989.

Other books include: Science for Social Revolution: The Experience of Kerala Shastra Sahithya Parishad with B. Ekbal; Modernisation and Employment: The coir Industry in Kerala with R.A Van Stuijveberg and K.N Nair; Daridryathinte Arthasasthram ; Lokabankum Nanayanidhiyum; Alappuzhayude Samarapatha; Janakeeyasoothranam: Sidhanthavum Prayogavum; and Kerala Vikasanam: Janapakshathuninnulla Porattam; Marunna Manasukal Malinyamakalunna Theruvukal; Facebook Dairy etc.

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