Two Saints – Arun Shourie with Y V Reddy

By June 17, 2017videos page

The Talk

Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and Ramana Maharshi have been among the greatest spiritual figures of our country. Their lives and teaching have been a solace to millions.

Arun Shourie explored their profound experiences in the light of advances in neuroscience, psychology and sociology. The result is a book of remarkable rigour: an examination – and ultimately, a reconciliation of science and faith as also of seemingly antagonistic, irreconcilable worldviews.

The Talk was based on his new book, published by HarperCollins.

Dr YV Reddy, former Governor, Reserve Bank of India,  released the book at Hyderabad at Manthan

Arun Shourie, Public Intellect and  Y V Reddy, Dr, Former Govenor RBI

Mr Shourie, scholar, author, former editor and minister,  is one of the foremost and influential public intellectuals and thinkers of the country.

Dr Y V Reddy, former Governor of Reserve Bank of India, is one of the most respected and influential voices in the country.

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