What our prehistory tells us about ourselves’ – Tony Joseph

By August 23, 2020videos page

Why do we speak so many languages that belong to entirely different language families? Why are these languages spread as they are? How are we related to the people who built the Harappan Civilization, the largest civilization of its time by far? What accounts for our striking commonalities and our equally noticeable differences? When and why did the caste system fall into place? Based on what we know about ourselves, what kind of Republic should we have? The answers to all of these questions lie in the history of migrations over thousands of years: the migrations that shaped us as as we are today.

Tony Joseph shall talk about all this, and more.

Tony Joseph, Author & Columnist

Tony Joseph is the author of the award-winning best-seller, ‘Early Indians: The Story Of Our Ancestors and Where We Came From’. It was pubished in December 2018 and has so far won the Tata Lit Live Book of the Year Awar, the Shakti Bhatt First Book Prize and the Atta Galatta Bangalore Literature Festial Award for Best Book. It was also counted among the Best Non-Fiction Books of the Decade by The Hindu. During his long journalistic career of over three decades, Tony has been the Editor of the BusinessWorld magazine, Associate Editor of Business Standard and Features Editor of The Economic Times. He is now working on his next book.

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